My Zero Waste Week pledge

Oooh guess what, it’s Zero Waste Week soon, 1-7 September 2014.  Organised by Rachelle Strauss of My Zero Waste, this annual campaign is now in its 7th year, having first launched in September 2008.

It’s great to see it going from strength-to-strength and it’s been a pleasure to support Rachelle from those early days when the mention of Zero Waste was still a rare occurrence. You can tell we’re in exciting times, when at the BritMums Live conference just a few months ago, I bumped into three other Zero Waste Week ambassadors.

But I’ve been a wee bit guilty.  While others have been sharing their pledges, I’ve been a somewhat tardy.  Too busy juggling end-of-term activities and all my various projects.

On top of that my own rubbish isn’t really that interesting these days.  So after a spell of much pondering, I’ve decided that my pledge is to seek out bigger bin bags and prime myself for a much more exciting adventure.  In good old “Who wants to be a millionaire” fashion, it was time to “Phone a friend”.

So welcome to Laura, who blogs at, and who lives in the next village. She’s letting me help her reduce her waste and how excited am I!  I can’t promise to make her a millionaire but I can guarantee a good laugh when she lets me at her bin bags.

Phew! It’s a relief to have found my Zero Waste Week buddy.  You’d better get ready with the popcorn to see what we get up to.  It’s going to be huge!  And if you’d like to join in the rubbish fun, I can’t promise to have a rummage around your bin bags, but you can add your own pledge at where the theme is One More Thing.


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