BookBenches and Auto-responses

If you email me at the moment you’re likely to get one of those annoying auto-responses announcing that it’s the school holidays. Sorry.

But look!  I’m sure all will be forgiven when you see what fun I’m having!  Dragging the kids around London and sitting them on benches of fire!  And there’s not even a photo of a bin in sight – for those who know me well, that is indeed a rarity when it comes to holiday snaps.

I couldn’t resist this fantastic BookBench though, which forms part of a free trail around London called Books about Town.  We stumbled upon this one on a visit to Greenwich.  Designed by illustrator Michele Petit-Jean, it depicts Samuel Pepys’ Diary.

There are 50 to spot between now and 15 September and I can’t wait to get the kids back to London, drag them around some more and park our bottoms on some fantastic art.

On 7 October all the BookBenches are going to be auctioned to raise money for the National Literacy Trust.  What a brilliant idea!

Meanwhile, I’ll be on the hunt for Dr Seuss.  So next time you email, that’s where I could be whiling away my time… or resting my cheeks on Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly.

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