Whoop – it felt like being 10 again.

Yee-ah, I finally got them along to the woods and boy did it do us good, especially after last week, which was mainly packed with work, lurgy & Minecraft.

It’s my own fault for organising so many things to get ready for September but this week I am determined that my rubbish plans are not going to take over the school holidays.

And this afternoon was a perfect antidote to days filled with emails, an impromptu visit to our local National Trust property, Ickworth House & Gardens.  If you are ever in Bury St Edmunds, I can highly recommend it.

We weren’t interested in the house today though.  It was a treat in itself just to be outside, under Suffolk’s big blue sky and to watch the trees swaying gently in the light breeze.  And at the first suggestion of building a den from my 10 year old, my inner tomboy was on it.

While we all picked up the branches, I was on it.

When they got a little bored with den building, I was on it.

When they started fencing with sticks, I was on it.

When they started chasing each other, I was on it.

I built a den!

And when they ran back, they took it in turns to sit in it.

You might just be able to spot one of them somewhere amongst the camouflage.

It felt like being 10 again.

Tomorrow, I think we might go and climb some trees.

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