Honk Honk! It’s Comic Relief Danceathon Time

For three weeks now, I have been subjecting my family to regular bursts of unusual random dancing – ditching the sofa in favour of throwing all sorts of unflattering shapes to loud blasts of Abba.  I’ve been ‘dancing like no-one is watching’ so much that they have now actually stopped watching and have even sent me to my room with my headphones.

But what’s it all for?  The Red Nose Day Danceathon at Wembley on Sunday 8 March, of course, where I’ll be joining the fabulous Team Honk to raise money for Comic Relief and help change lives.  I’m getting into practice for a 6 Hour Danceathon – yes, SIX Hours, for which I’d love your support.

There are three ways to help:

1. First up, I’d love your sponsorship – and here’s my brand new sponsorship page, finally live-and-kicking for donations large or small.  Anything you can give would be absolutely fabulous to help me reach my £500 target. Please, please, please can you help. And a massive thank you to all who do.

2. Fancy dancing yourself?  Then, please Team Honk and the growing gathering of bloggers, tweeters, friends and families at the Wembley Danceathon. Use this link to sign up.  If you can’t make Wembley,  you could always organise a simultaneous danceathon near you on the 8th March.  You can follow everyone’s progress on Facebook or Twitter.

3. I guess I won’t be danceathon-ready without leg warmers or even a tutu.  So if there’s a volunteer out there who can make or lend me such jolly dance gear, I’ll be very grateful indeed.  I may even go the whole hog, throw in a touch of the divas and put out a call for a volunteer wardrobe assistant – if you can dress me to impress, give me a shout.

And it’s not just 6 hours of dancing that you’ll get for your money – it’s all the hours I’m clocking up in an advance.  I’ve been dancing so much to get into shape, my eldest asked my husband the other evening whether I’m training to become a professional dancer.

“At least it’ll make a change from her talking about rubbish.” he quipped.

Oh no it won’t. Because if you check out this video, you’ll see why donations are needed.  There are many vital projects, including offering support to children who scavenge on toxic rubbish dumps.  Projects funded by Comic Relief help provide provide a good education and also help make recycling activities more safe.

The last time I fundraised for Comic Relief, was for a sponsored bin round in 2009. That was tough enough, but I think this is going to be tougher.  I haven’t done any anaerobic exercise since I don’t know when! <<<< Sorry, that was a little joke for my waste pals, which I hope will at least earn me a tenner.

On that note, I’m going to bin the jokes, leave the comedy to the comedians and just carry on dancing.

Cue ‘Dancing Queen’!

Or perhaps I should begin gently with ‘Take a chance on me’?  Of course, if I don’t see sight of my target within a month, I’ll blast up the speakers with “Money, Money. Money”.

Please please please pop along to my page, with anything that you can spare.

Thank you kind peeps.  Thank you!

Honk Honk.

Karen x


  1. Just brilliant! Maybe the dance supplies store in St Johns St could help you out with a tutu if you mentioned them as a result?


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